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Queen Rania's country of Jordan has been hit particularly hard by the civil war in Syria, watching a flood of 600,000 refugees come into Jordan from the neighboring country during the most recent wave of the crisis.

Queen Rania's husband, King Abdullah of Jordan, cheap jordans for sale online spoke out about the crisis at the United Nations' gathering of world leaders last month.

On Tuesday, 19 countries announced they are donating $1.8 billion to the top U.N. aid organizations to help alleviate the suffering of refugees in places like Jordan.

"We do need assistance from the international community cheap jordans on sale. Jordan is a small country that's quite resource poor, so it's really been a major issue for us," Queen Rania said on "GMA." "The Syrian refugee crisis is a true humanitarian catastrophe cheap jordans online.

"I think people don't realize the magnitude of the numbers," cheap jordans sale she said. "250,000 Syrians have lost their lives as a result of this conflict. Half of the population of Syria have left their homes; seven million of them are internally displaced and four million have become refugees."